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Leaked Hamas Document Reveals 10 Key Principles Hamas’ New Recruits Swear Allegiance To

A leaked document with Hamas letterhead recently made public the following 10 logical principles of Hamas’ philosophy. Hamas’ new recruits swear allegiance to these principles when inducted.

10. We don’t recognize Israel’s existence. But we will destroy it.
9. All martyrs will get 72 virgins. Cuz 71 just ain’t enough.
8. Jerusalem is our holy city. That’s why we’re firing rockets at it.
7. When Israel conquered Judea and Samaria from Jordan and Gaza from Egypt, they stole Palestinian land.
6. We derive our guidance from Islam. So we accept the truth of Judaism’s sacred books. But the Jews were definitely never here before the 1800s.
5. The Holocaust never happened. The Jews are just fooling everyone. But the Nazis were totally super.
4. The Jews are bad. Like the Nazis. You know, the ones who never perpetrated the Holocaust.
3. We are part of the Arabian nation. And our ancestors were the Phillistines, those courageous, sea-faring Greek pagans.
2. We are for freedom of religion. Everyone is free to follow Islam.
1. “Dying for Allah’s sake is our supreme belief.” But hiding from airstrikes is cool. #YOLO

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